Let it be never ending

DO NOT call for an end to the NFL referees strikes.

I repeat: Do Not.

If the country can’t see how bad the media is at reporting the truth, then they deserve to get messed up calls in their men-in-tights eggball games. When you hear someone say that the strike should end, make an analogy with how the media ate up the lies from the White House and State Department about what happened in Libya on September 11th, 2012.

Or, if you think it would be easier, make a comparison between the screwed up call and the Senate not passing a budget in nearly 4 years.

The strike must go on. Analogies must be made. Who knows, maybe that’ll be how things change.

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One Response to Let it be never ending

  1. mark says:

    something wrong with this country. sad sad sad. nothing but bread and circus’s.

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