Here they go again

You will all remember back in 2009 when the Department of Homeland Security issued a report stating that that all Tea Party folks, as well as all former military personnel, were possible domestic terrorists,,and that anyone who has a Gadsen Flag bumpersticker should be treated as armed and dangerous at traffic stops by local police.

A large portion of the country, being profiled by their government as possible terrorists, did the appropriate thing and yelled at the government representatives who were still friendly to them, and thankfully, the report was shelved.

It is now nearly three years later and, it’s back.

Well, not so much the report itself. But one of the main authors of the report, Daryl Johnson, was giving testimony to Dick Durbin’s (D-IL) committee.  For those not quite up to speed on committee assignments, that would be the Senate Judiciary Committee. The hearing was titled “Hate Crimes and the Threat of Domestic Terrorism” and Mr. Johnson got to sit in front of a governmental body and go MSNBC all over the place.

Here is a PDF of his testimony.

Mr Johnson attributes every single bad thing that has happened over these past three years to “Right Wing Extremist Terrorism”. Oddly enough, he can’t really find any left-wing terrorism during this same time period.

I guess he was hibernating or somesuch during the Occupy riots that flooded America last Fall.

Anyway, the report may be gone, but the people behind it are still highly respected by those currently in power in the Executive and Legislative branches.

Two side issues I’d like to just point to real quick about this: First, for those is the states where Romney is within the margin of error of Obama, your third party vote stands a chance of bringing this report back. This happening also means federal officers who will profile you and then enforce unjust laws upon you during an Obama second term. Secondly, thank your deity of choice that Sharon Angle lost. If Harry Reid wasn’t there to be Senate Majority Leader, the smart money says Durbin would have gotten the spot.

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6 Responses to Here they go again

  1. Chris says:

    Sorry Phil I won’t be blowing the dead elephant party this November.

  2. Phil says:

    And most likely, neither am I. I did not say you had to, I just suggested that folks who can’t look into voting strategically might be bringing stink upon themselves.

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  4. UTLaw says:

    Don’t you love that he brought up the Hutaree? OH no! they had more guns than all the muslim terrorists! Of course, as he noted, they were acquitted. So people found Not guilty are proof of how violent and well armed criminal extremists are.

  5. AMB says:

    As a libertarian, I’m not much for the modern Left or Right in this country. But I do have one observation to offer:

    I live in Seattle, WA and have for a few years now. In that time, the only acts to which I have been witness that might reasonably be called “terrorism” was perpetrated by left-aligned anarchists associated with the Occupy movement. This past Mayday, they smashed windows, destroyed and defaced private property, and assaulted people who had the temerity to disagree with them.

    But sure, let’s get worried about “Right Wing terrorism” or some such.

  6. Who stuck us with the DHS/TSA Gestapo? Was it the Smart Evil Party or the Stupid Evil Party? That’s RIGHT, it was the Stupid Evil Party. Also, Obama is a great polarizer. That’s what we need. More Polarization between Left and Right, betweeen the races, and between urban and rural. Leading to Civil War II. And that’s the only way we are going to get back to a Republic.

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