Friday Randomness

In lieu of actual content due to familial contingencies on my end, here is some funny to get you into your weekend.

Coming to a city near you

Funny (and sad) cause it’s true. (Via Unforeseen Contginecies)

I have felt this way about a burger before.

Here in the Seattle/Tacoma metro area, our “Five Guys” type place is called Herfy’s. Their burgers look better and larger, though.

Lastly, did someone say Spiderman Thread?

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One Response to Friday Randomness

  1. Gerry N. says:

    45 years ago there were Herfy’s everywhere around the Seattle area. Now I don’t even know where there is one. And yes the burgers were better than 5Guys. Fries, too. I often wonder what happened. Mismanagement, most likeley.

    Gerry N.

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