Why I’m Still in Cali

Wild boar and elk sausage, grilled over an open fire at Seabright Beach in Santa Cruz last Sunday.

There is a cool lighthouse barely visible in the top center of the above pic.

It was my daughter’s birthday celebration, which meant plenty of music.

Drum circle! About five minutes into the drumming, it started to rain.

I had brought a pickup-bed-full of redwood and we just kept burning. It rained off and on as afternoon turned to evening. It ended up a very peaceful and clear night as we outlasted the clouds and partiers and had the beach to ourselves and the thundering surf.

I never opened the bugout bag, but somehow sand got in anyway. Happily sand just falls off the plastic Kel-Tec .223, and you can wash a Glock.

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3 Responses to Why I’m Still in Cali

  1. Sennin says:

    David: one of these days you’ll come back over the hill to the United States more often than the GBR and get more (and better) ways to turn money into noise. :)

  2. Davidwhitewolf says:

    I’m hoping we can get over to see you folks this summer, when the wife has a 2-month break from work. :)

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