I need to get out of this place

I don’t normally watch local news, especially on the weekend when they let the “B Team” play in front of the cameras. This evening, we had it on at home as background noise when this story came on:

Woman weds warehouse amid ‘gay marriage’ furor

Make sure to watch the video. Of course she was an Occupy Seattle activist.

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3 Responses to I need to get out of this place

  1. May she fuck the building and get tetanus. Then after may it be demolished since it’s an inanimate object. Not only that, but if those ass hats don’t have a place to live they obviously need more housing. We know why they do this shit, they’re too dumb to hold down a job.

    Case in point the bitch married a warehouse. Where’s Darwin when you fucking need him.

  2. dfwmtx says:

    I’m not sure the building gave consent. If a passed-out drunk girl can’t consent, then a building without integrated AI control systems cannot give consent. She’s raping the building for her political cause.

  3. AMB says:

    I love this city. I really do. I think Seattle is one of the coolest places on the planet. But there is a strain of vacuous, Look-At-Me Leftism that seriously grinds my gears.

    It’s de rigueur to wish the bride happiness on her wedding day. But to be honest, I kind of hope she’s embarrassed. She’s spending her life performing useless, self-aggrandizing political stunts. That is, when she and her Occupy Compatriots aren’t making themselves a nuisance by closing down University Bridge.

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