Who IS this guy?

The amazing Igor Presnyakov. Stumbled upon his stuff last night. Do NOT listen to these clips on your tinny phone or computer as you will miss the whole point. You really need to listen with good bass speakers; the resonance is incredible. With good bass headphones everything else shut out and I was entranced.

Check out how he completely changes the chords in the latter part of Sweet Home Alabama, makes the arrangement entirely his own, yet the song’s still there.

“Nothing Else Matters” was the song we danced to at our wedding. I don’t think I’ve heard a prettier version than this.

This next one is recognizable too, but could also easily be the original composition of some guy playing in a wine bar or brewpub.

Here’s his Youtube channel. 177 tunes so far to choose from!


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    Good find. I bought his album, “Chunky Strings” off Amazon based on these videos alone. Amazing technique, I’d love to see this guy play with Joe Satriani — would pay good money for it, too. :)

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