A Car in Our Parking Lot

Now that’s an antenna.

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  1. Rivrdog says:

    Huge can on the antenna shaft is a loading coil, and the size of it means user can stuff a lot of watts thru that antenna. Globe array at the top is the actual base, if I remember this correctly from the ham radio club 50 years ago in high school. The actual antenna is a little nub at the very top, above the globe-base, so the band served must be at least in the UHF region, at least 800 m/hz.

  2. Actually Rivrdog you’re way off. That’s going to be one of the following: 10m (28MHz),20m(14MHz), or 40m(7MHz). You’re the loading coil is more for tuning than power since it makes the antenna appear longer to the transmitter decreasing the SWR, the globe is a grounding plane grounding plane. But everything above the plane is the antenna to the tip. The length from plane to tip is going to be a fraction of the wave length. By the length I would guess it’s more likely a 20m or 40m antenna. Odds are more likely towards the 40m in mobile use but 20m wouldn’t be out landish just less common.

    UHF antennas are actually small since the wavelengths are measured in centimeters 440MHz is 70cm, 900MHz is where the usable frequencies are in that range are around 35cm. Making a 1/2 wave dipole only 17.5cm (~6inches).

    Us HAMs are easy to spot.

  3. LibertyNews says:

    Ha! Nice looking mobile HF rig. I’ll bet that’s fun on Field Day.

  4. Drang says:

    AKA “Bug Catcher”.
    Up here they’re usually mounted on pick’emups or SUVs, not sedans.

  5. Granny Grunch says:

    Breaker 19….hows it lookin over your shoulder..good body???

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