You might not like this

So if’n you’re not wanting to see something critical of the Michiganders/Michigeeses arrested these past couple days, then you should probably just keep scrolling.

There are only two options to describe the currently incarcerated Hutaree: They are either innocent or they are cowards. And nothing I’ve seen, read, heard or otherwise had relayed to my locale implies that they’re innocent.

You don’t get to bark about “The Beast” and howl about “Armageddon” and make an America’s Funiest Home Video in your cammie-jammies, and still qualify for “Taken Alive” martyrdom.

You don’t get to talk about killing cops and then let them walk you to their people-carriers when they come to whack your pee-pee for talking like that.

Shows more than just a little bit of a lack of dedication. What, was everyone in the shower? Even the NewFags at 4Chan have an answer for that.


And while I firmly believe that the prosecutor has the charges turned up to 11, anyone who still believes in “Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six” in the Obama/Holder/Napolitano-nation is a fool.

Am I glad they’re cowards? Meh. Other than the bad press, I don’t care.
Probably The last thing we need at this point in history is a Waco style holdout. Or maybe that is exactly what we need. If you are of that opinion, you should be extra pissed at the Hutaree.

Feel free to leave your side of the coin in the comments.

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2 Responses to You might not like this

  1. Kristopher says:

    Cold dead hands is bad tactics.

    If SWAT arrives, surrender, and play the criminal’s “I’m so sorry” game. You can always get another rifle … always.

    Get out of custody asap. Then decide what to do.

    Even better: Don’t run your mouth and get into custody in the first place. Learn some opsec, retard.

  2. Phil says:

    This wasn’t “Cold Dead Hands”, Kris. This was them talking about going on the offensive against the very people who came to apprehend them.

    The flaw in your logic is to believe that the authorities are going to let you out of custody after threatening a mass killing of the constabulary. Sorry, no judge in his right mind is going to let someone like that out on bail, especially after the two freaks we had go off recently here in Seattle.

    However, you did get the OpSec portion right. It looks as though they thought that Norton would stop the po-po from reading their MySpace conversation.

    If they’re too lazy to meet face to face, then that should have been the first sign of a lack of conviction.

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