Failure to think it through

Maybe I’m late to the game in realizing this, but I think my brain finally landed on my major issue with HCR.  If I understand this correctly, part of the moral justification for mandating insurance coverage is so that people will not find themselves unable to pay for medical care when they need it because they were irresponsible and did not pay for coverage when they did not need it (thus putting the burden to care for them on society as a whole).  Now, in a just system, if a person was irresponsible, or willing to take the risk of foregoing coverage (and not just suddenly in a bad spot and in need of a social safety net until they could get back on their feet), they would suffer the consequences of that choice (i.e. being sick, or crippled, or dead).

However, under HCR, should they choose to forego coverage, they will instead be fined, and if they don’t pay (because they are broke, which is why they don’t want to pay for insurance), be arrested, convicted, and made a criminal (potentially a felon, thus destroying their chances at a better life), but they will be alive & healthy, and that’s the important thing.

So how are the people who are rabidly in favor of the insurance mandate any different from the Anti-Abortion people?

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  1. JebTexas says:

    No different at all.

    I found this on Joe Huffman’s site.
    THIS we must have if we are to take back DC.

    From Idaho governor (hopefully) Rex Rammell’s website:


    * America was established by God for a righteous people. If American turns away from God she will fail.
    * The Constitution was inspired by God. The original principles set forth within its body are true and when strictly adhered to will keep us free.
    * The proper role of government is to protect our rights to life, liberty, and property.
    * Rights can only be taken away or limited when they interfere with another’s rights. Privileges on the other hand are subject to the will of the majority.
    * The Federal government should do only those things which the states can not do for themselves. State government should do only those things which the counties can not do for themselves. County government should do only those things which the individuals can not do for themselves.
    * Never ask a larger group to do that which can be done by a smaller group. The smaller the unit and the closer it is to the people, the easier it is to guide, to correct, to keep it solvent, and to keep our freedom.
    * He who governs least, governs best.
    * Capitalism advocates the principles of competition and choice in a free market setting and if allowed to operate without government interference is a proven formula for prosperity.
    * Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for life.
    * The key to success of a free nation is a well informed electorate.

  2. Seeing as how I am a militantly devout Apathetic Agnostic, the first two are utterly meaningless to me, but I can get behind the rest.

  3. DFWMTX says:

    Mad Rocket, actually, the 2nd sentence of the 2nd statement is ok in my book. Whatever or whomever inspired the Constitution, adhereing to those principles keeps us free.

    Honestly, “whomever pays the piper calls the tune” is why I’m against gvt.-funded healthcare. If someone else pays for my healthcare, they get a say in my healthcare. I want to have a say in my healthcare, so I’ll pay for it.

  4. dustydog says:

    I’ll try. You’re being forced to buy insurance because you are weak and they are strong. You may happen to be right, but your rights are inconvenient. An unborn baby is also powerless and inconvenient.

    Since you know that they two categories are the same people, your question needs re-writing to “So how are the people who are rabidly in favor of the insurance mandate any different from the Abortion people?”

  5. Phil says:

    I second that motion, MadRock.

    Hell, I’ll go a bit further: The First and first half of the Second are a laughable joke and shouldn’t be even momentarily considered by any individual serious enough about Liberty to bother with the idea, and until they are removed they contaminate all that follow.

    We let the church run government for a while. We now call that era of history “The Dark Ages”.

  6. JebTexas says:

    I think ya’ll are miss-interpreting the religious points. It’s more like we Masons think: We must have a moral code. It may come from God, or Yahweh, or The Supreme Architect Of The Universe, or your Magic Underpants (we don’t care which,) just that you HAVE a moral code. Rocket, you have obvious convictions- I’ve read enough of you to know that you are a moral (read: good) person who knows right from wrong. We don’t have ANY sense of right or wrong at the .fed level now; one reason we are currently FUBARed. The founders believed mostly in the same God, so that is how they expressed it. Rex is Mormon, so this is how HE expresses it. Perhaps he is a nutjob, (I just heard of him a few days ago) but his points on the role of government are spot on. Plus, IMHO the likelihood of a US Theocracy is on par with that of banning private ownership of firearms. Nawt gon hoppin. It was attributed to de Tocqueville: “America is great because she is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, she will cease to be great.” We’re there now. has much more on his plans for Idaho, worth the read. Rex gets his 2 years as Gov, we might have a (dare I say it?) Reagan landslide on our hands!

    Oh yeah, what do ya’ll think about Palin and McStain trying to hitch their wagon to the Teaparty?

  7. Rivrdog says:

    JebTX, Palin has just hitched her wagon to an ejected aviator, to bust THAT metaphor.

    There are two events in McCain’s life worth noting: his inability to jink his fighter and his inability to jink his campaign.

    Both cost him victory.

    Palin doesn’t know that.

  8. JebTexas says:

    Rivrdog, I think you are correct, Sir. I have never been able to get behind Palin, I think she’s just another dumb politician willing to trade anything to get what she wants. I want a pol that actually has some lines in the sand… even if I don’t agree w/ everything they say. Wishful thinking right now. What I’m afraid will happen is McStain will get the nomination again w/ Palin, and the Stupid party won’t get the sweep we need to change this sh*t.

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