Lose That Gut, Boomershooters, You’re Gonna Be on TV!

That’s courtesy of Michael Bane:

A big ole RAH RAH to Joe Huffman out at The View from North Central Idahoand BTW, Joe, we will be filming at BOOMERSHOOT 2010! — for his relentless slamming of antigunners as “bigots.”

Emphasis mine. I met Mr. Bane at SHOT, and he was exactly the way he seems on the tube, if not nicer. He and his crew are really cool people.  I had a brain freeze and failed to mention Boomershoot, but looks like it was on his radar screen anyway.

Much as others have said about Joe Huffman (in other contexts), I am truly glad Michael Bane is “on our side,” as he’s been the most relentlessly effective TV gun guy for a while now, and keeps pushing the envelope on firearms TV shows. Plus, he embraces new media — big time.

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