The Drums of Anthrax

Not what you metalheads are thinking

A New Hampshire woman diagnosed with a rare gastrointestinal anthrax case may have swallowed spores propelled into the air by vigorous drumming, a state health expert said.

Officials haven’t confirmed how the woman contracted the disease but are focusing on a drum-circle gathering she attended Dec. 4 at the United Campus Ministry center in Durham shortly before becoming ill. Public-health officials who learned of her diagnosis last week immediately began investigating, and earlier this week shut down the ministry center after anthrax spores were found on two drums.

Hippies cause disease.

Pass it around.

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One Response to The Drums of Anthrax

  1. DFWMTX says:

    Also proof hippies need lessons in hygene. Sounds like someone had skin heads on the drums and didn’t clean them off properly.

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