Yeah, it involves major surgery to your Garand receiver. So what? Gunsmith who does it at the link. You’ll have to sign up for FAL Files Forums, but why aren’t you already, hm?

Now if you could work a Shuff’s Mini-G conversion on that bad boy, you’ve got yourself a Socom 16. Yes it costs a hell of a lot more by the time you’re done, but need I remind you that in California, Garands are among the few rifles that can be lawfully passed between residents with no paperwork or background check whatsoever?

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6 Responses to SARCO BM-59 Kit

  1. Ted Riedel says:

    What about mags for those of us who exist in Komifornia?

    I thought that unless you had them already in your possession you could not buy Hi-Cap mags (more then ten rounds)?


  2. Tbird says:

    Maybe I’m too much of a purist but an M1 is an M1 is an M1. Why butcher up an M1 like that when you can go out and buy an M14 without desecrating the “Finest battle weapon devise by man.” as stated by GS Patton.

  3. Ted,

    True, but I’m certain some enterprising soul will be happy to sell you a neutered 10/20 magazine for the BM-59 (converted so that it only holds 10 rounds, and to make it hold more you need to perform major surgery). Then it’s just a matter of waiting for the “hi-cap” ban to go in the dustbin with all the other unconstitutional laws.


    Agreed (and it’s why I bought my Socom) but until we destroy the unconstitutional laws in California that prevent the face-to-face sales of modern rifles that almost every other state enjoys, there’s a mighty temptation….

  4. DAve says:

    Besides once a Garand has been modified it no longer qualifies as a curio & relic.
    Even a sporter stock disqualifies it. MAYBE not, but do you really want to risk federal time to find out?
    The book How to Own a Gun and Stay Out of Jail(California edition) is a must-have item for anyone even thinking about holding a weapon in this godforsaken hellhole

  5. DAve says:

    I bought a 1903 with a sporter stock and the guy insisted on the paperwork.
    Actually I do like some stuff to be papered so if I ever hafta shoot sum sumbitch things will go better in that regard.
    Tho I spose if you bought it in a stock configuration and then put it through the modifications you’d be ok but I don’t think you could sell it under c&r…
    Just remember this is the same batf that prosecuted a guy with a malfunctioning 1911 (shot two rounds with one trigger pull) for owning a machine gun-
    I too am avoiding ebr’s ‘cuz if there’s gonna be anything banned they’ll start with ebr’s-
    Unfortunately .30-06 is expensive as hell-

  6. Davidwhitewolf says:

    Yeah, I’m figuring modified Garands are kinda rare anyway — more likely you’d find a California Garand and wait until after it was in your hot little hands to modify it.

    Thankfully, CMP is still selling their Greek .30-06 — but if you’re modifying the gun anyway, getting a new barrel in .308 wouldn’t be out of the question, and would solve any throat/muzzle erosion issues too.

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