RNS Quote of the Day: 10/30/09

Me too.

I was clicking through this website looking at their “curiosities” section, when I realized that I didn’t really recognize most of the celebrities they had pictures of. I know who Lindsey Lohan is, just because I’ve been forced to watch the trainwreck that is her life at every checkout counter at every supermarket in existance. But Sophie Monk? Audrina Partridge? No clue.

And then I realized, that’s not exactly something to be ashamed of. Hell, I’m rather proud of that fact.

Ragin’ Dave

It’s not that I’m unhip. It is just that those people aren’t hip enough to even make it to my radar.

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4 Responses to RNS Quote of the Day: 10/30/09

  1. Tim says:

    Victor David Hanson had a nice article on being a cultural dropout, I guess I am as well.

  2. Kyle says:

    I maintain that THAT is not culture. It’s an empty, diversionary wasteland.

  3. Rivrdog says:

    Sign me onto that dropout roster as well.

    Actually, after a TV-deprived childhood (my father didn’t buy us kids one until we were all teenagers), I guess I just got in the habit of spending my life’s spare time doing something other than celebrity worship.

    I’m a Jeopardy! fan, and could easily have been on the show and maybe a retired champion by now, but I don’t do celebrity worship, so that keeps my finger off the button for at least 20% of the game, which is a non-starter.

    Semi-related gripe: why the HELL does Fox News’ empire think we want to hear about every felony crime committed in the city, or nation? I have ZERO interest in a child-kidnapping in Florida, Oklahoma, or anywhere else out of range of my rifle.

    This constant drumbeat of crime news does nothing less than get us used to constant crime, which is a BAD thing.

    Maybe the NRA could take the Armed Citizen section out of American Rifleman and make a reality show about it, but I suspect I would even get tired of THAT after a few shows.

  4. Firehand says:

    Apparently it’s supposed to be a civic duty of some kind to keep up with who the current celebritutes and up & coming slutettes- and their boyfriends who think being a pimp is cool- are.

    Much better things to do.

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