The government covers for criminals

And this one isn’t even a politician

Jacob Galuak finished paying for his groceries and was getting change from the cashier when the man behind him in line swiped his wallet.

The suspect then used his own EBT food stamp benefit card to pay for his groceries and walked out the door.

At first, local authorities thought the man had made a mistake by using the card because they could identify him with it.

But West Fargo police have spent the past year clashing with the Department of Human Services over obtaining the man’s identity.

The agency says it’s only following the law by not releasing it.

“If a food stamp or a SNAP client was involved in alleged illegal activity, we cannot in a majority, or I’ll say all cases, disclose any information based on federal law,” said Jonathan Alm, an attorney with the department.

The department believes in cooperating with law enforcement and other agencies, but still has to comply with federal and state laws, Alm said.

Federal law prohibits the department from releasing information about a person using the food stamp program unless there is a violation of the program, Alm said.

Well, fuck. I’d say larceny while using the card is a violation. But I’m sure that someone in that office thinks it was just affirmative wealth redistribution.

Want to clear the room of this bullshit?
Step 1: Find the highest ranking person who can authorize the release of the necessary information.

Step 2: Jail them when they refuse.

Step 3: Repeat with the next person on the list of qualified persons.

Make them defend this insipid idea in a court of law.

Found at the SayAnything blog

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2 Responses to The government covers for criminals

  1. J.T. Wenting says:

    Isn’t obstruction of justice in itself a crime? If so, the department is guilty and the responsible people should be jailed as a consequence.
    Maybe extend that to the people who instigated the supposed law that forces the department to break criminal law by forcing its employees to obstruct criminal investigations.

  2. Aaron Neal says:

    Actually, I’d prefer to see the “Firefly” method rather than jail – when they refuse release of the required information, kick them into the intake of a running jet engine. Then ask “Who’s next?”

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