It is official

EcoSocialism is a religion, and Al Gore is its prophet.

I may have made that last bit up. But not the first part.

An executive sacked from a giant property company can claim he was unfairly dismissed because of his “philosophical belief in climate change”, a judge ruled yesterday.

In the first case of its kind, employment judge David Sneath said Tim Nicholson, a former environmental policy officer, could invoke employment law for protection from discrimination against him for his conviction that climate change was the world’s most important environmental problem.

That conviction amounted to a philosophical belief under the Employment Equality (Religion and Belief) Regulations, 2003, the judge ruled on a point of law at a pre-hearing review of an employment tribunal in London.

So now a question for you legal scholars (and wannabes): First, let us assume that this has arrived in America. Can a corporation have a “religion”? Or, is it possible that they could be found civilly liable for discriminating against a non-believer in Gaia-Worship? If, say, my employer fired me because I didn’t believe in Anthropomorphic Global Warming, could I sue them for wrongful termination?

Not that there is any current pressure from management, but there have been some close calls in the past that will very likely pop up again when times aren’t so lean.

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One Response to It is official

  1. J.T. Wenting says:

    If the Church of Gore is a religion, not believing in it amounts to Atheism which I think has been qualified as a religion and therefore is protected :)

    Or you could accuse them of heresy for believing in a false prophet, just make sure you convert to Islam first (might be safest anyway if you want to survive for much longer, seeing the way things are going in the world).

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