We’re working on it

And when I say “we”, I mean my co-workers and I.

Blustery winds whipped uncollected recycling and garbage through streets and alleys Monday, frustrating and infuriating residents who set it out as instructed by the city over the weekend or before going back to work.


Others struggled to understand how a snowstorm without complications of power outages or major flooding could paralyze the city and delay basic services, such as garbage and recycling collection for weeks.

Jim Conchie of South Seattle said his garbage hadn’t been picked up since two weeks before Christmas.

He said Mayor Greg Nickels should stop pushing ambitious global climate initiatives and concentrate on core city services, such as garbage pickup and snow removal.

“It’s time for the mayor to give up all his high-flying fantasies and get back to providing basic services,” said Conchie, who lives east of Columbia City.

Conchie said the high winds had blown trash throughout his neighborhood, making it look like “a Third World city.”

While I agree with Mr. Conchie, I believe that he is failing to see the reasoning behind Mayoral Unit Nickels’ thinking. Nickels’ philosophy is that America has had it too easy these past few decades and really needs to feel the pain of those third world nations.

And by “Feel the Pain” I mean wallow in trash, be unable to get anywhere unless you walk, and be disarmed by government mandate.

It is just part of the philosophy of the eco-socialist movement that also includes having the inside of your living space be the same temperature as the outside, and not bathing regularly.

Found via Sound Politics

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  1. Rivrdog says:

    You forgot the most obvious “cachet” of the euro-Socialists: their disdain for the chemical wonder that is body deodorant.

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