Reading Material for the Long Weekend

As you most likely read yesterday, I’m out for painting duty. So, for your long weekend, I give you the all linkee, no thinkee, list of excellent on-line reading materials.

Starting with trouble making philosopher Eric S. Raymond’s post “Ethics from the Barrel of a Gun – What Bearing Weapons Teaches About the Good Life”.

After that, take a run through his sidebar “Firearms!” link.

Next up, Ralph Alter reminds us that Letters of Marque are still available for issuance, though neither he nor I are sure that Congress has the cojones to actually fulfill their Constitutional duty and issue some to take on the new spat of high seas piracy.

I am fully behind this idea, if for no other reason than to watch heads explode over at the dKos Animal Farm and Petting Zoo when Blackwater gets one.

For more on current day piracy, Xan Rice lets us know about how ship owners in the EU are screaming for that governmental body to even attempt to do something to stop the brigands. Sadly for them, it looks like the EU is going to sit on their hands.

In case you missed it, Bill Whittle loosed another excellent one last weekend talking about how harassing those “Sexual Harassment Training Seminars” can be.

Like I’ve told the instructor of every one I’ve been made to sit through, I was taught how to harass by some of the very best, and unless there has been some recently invented technology or new technique I haven’t heard about, I actually have work to get done, so I’ll be leaving. I usually get a call on my mobile phone from my supervisor shortly thereafter.

Melissa Clouthier posts up at PJM on how eco-socialism is a rather expensive lifestyle to choose. What with the incoming Obama Administration talking the Green Game, forcing this luxury upon the American public, it could lead to an even deeper fiscal dip.

This is one of the best book hocks I’ve read in a while. From radio talker Michael Medved: “Big Lies that Poison Thanksgiving and Subvert Our Honor”.

If you like that, find him on your local airwaves and listen to his Thanksgiving Day presentation of The True Story of Thanksgiving. You know that you’ve been lied to about the origins of the holiday. Medved brings facts to dispel them. It may also be online, so if you don’t have him in your town, look for him here.

David Kopel over at The Volokh Conspiracy points out this podcast from University of Montana Law Professor, Rob Natelson on the topic of the proper interpreting the US Constitution. I like it. He likes it. You’ll probably like it. Set 32 minutes aside and give it a listen.

And lastly, since I’ll be forgoing this week’s Soundboard posting because of the holiday, I was wandering about the intertoobz and found this item:

Permanent Change: RUSH, Musician’s Rock and the Progressive Post-Counterculture – A dissertation submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree Doctor of Philosophy in Musicology by Durrell Scott Bowman

Yeah. Wow. Now that guy is what I call a fan.

Have a good Thanksgiving. Be good to and take care of yourselves. I’ll see you all again on Monday.

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