If it is happening in Seattle, it has to be stupid.

Case in point:

Car Free Sundays

Mayor Greg Nickels’ announcement Wednesday of a car-free Sundays experiment starting in certain neighborhoods in August quickly drew reaction from residents and business owners who said the plan caught them by surprise.

Business owners wondered how customers would reach their stores and restaurants.

“We might as well close for the day,” said Joe Fraser, general manager of Duke’s Chowder House on Alki. West Seattle is one of the neighborhoods affected.

“Closing the street for construction, I can understand. But closing the street just for the sake of closure, that does not seem well thought out,” he said.

That is a signature of Mayor Nickels’ style.

Car-free Sundays are a part of his ongoing effort to get people out of their cars and green up Seattle. Select neighborhood streets will be closed on consecutive Sundays in August and September, one neighborhood each Sunday.

Although the program is starting slowly, Nickels said the effort could expand next summer if it is successful.

The streets will be closed to cars, but open to walking, bicycling and skating.

“Neighbors will have three to six hours to experience our streets in a new way and to see how livable a city can be when people drive less.”

And I’m sure as soon as they “experience” it, their eyes will be opened to just how ignorant Nickels’ ideas are.

Of course, this idea is loved by the leftists in the area who conversely hated the smart idea on the statewide ballot this fall.

I-985 will do a number of things to help get the majority of people who live in the tri-county area get around by making the state use road money on the roads and not “transit”. They’ll need to have special elections for those kinds of things and stop spending the money that is supposed to be spent on roads on wastes of time like useless light rail projects while citizens sit in traffic on a road surface that’ll put your back out of whack at actual interstate speeds.

Another of the things I-985 will do is open up the pig-headed HOV lanes during non-rush hours. Slogans like “More Roads, More Traffic” abound with the twerps at NPI.

So if you live in Washington and want to have that tax money you pay at the pump, which just went up again July 1st, and is the fifth highest in the nation, go to paying to make your life easier, vote FOR I-985.

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One Response to If it is happening in Seattle, it has to be stupid.

  1. Rivrdog says:

    Here’s how you protest this, legally.

    1. Drive up to one of the informational barricades with video camera handy. Turn on camera when approaching checkpoint. When informed that you will not be allowed to proceed, inform the eco-weenie that you have started a clock, and if you are detained any longer, you will make a citizen’s arrest for kidnapping.

    2. Summon the police to help you effect the arrest, on FEDERAL charges of deprivation of civil rights.

    3. If, upon arriving, the police fail to assist you in making the arrest, keep the camera rolling, you will need the tape for evidence.

    4. It might be advisable to have a shadowing car with a camera also.

    5. File appropriate charges as an Internal Affairs investigation.

    6. The Federal judges will put a stop to this, because your civil right of travel and assembly trumps that of the eco-weenies, even in oh-so-green Seattle.

    BTW, the one in Portland fizzled, and everyone who demanded to be allowed to proceed was allowed to do so, so apparently the eco-weenies got the word that their very liberty was going to be jeopardized. Our very own righty radio host, Lars Larson, orchestrated the effective counter demonstration, and there might be more advice on his website.

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