Heller v. United Nations

David Kopel at The Volokh Conspiracy adds to this report from Kenneth Anderson on last week’s Gun Control conference at the UN in NYC which was reported on by the NYT here, blaming the US for the world’s illicit arms trade.

One of the items that Kopel adds is from a paper he co-wrote titled “The Human Right of Self Defense” (pdf) in which one of the topics covered was just how invasive the UN’s activities that seek to put a stop to self defense via civilian gun ownership

1. Providing financial and planning support to the proponents of a gun confiscation referendum in Brazil.

2. Adopting a Special Rapporteur’s report declaring that self-defense is not a right, but is a limited excuse for violating the rights of the criminal.

3. Declaring that insufficient domestic gun control is a violation of current human rights treaties. Under the U.N.’s standards, even the pre-Heller laws of the District of Columbia were so lax as to be international human rights violations, for allowed the possession and use of defensive rifles or shotguns, in business premises, against non-lethal felony attacks such as rape, mayhem, arson, and armed robbery.

That is just some of them.

Make sure you hit each of the links in this post and read the whole things. Whatever you think of the UN now, you’ll probably think even less of them afterwards.

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  1. CAshane says:

    “against non-lethal felony attacks such as rape, mayhem, arson, and armed robbery.”

    Never mind that any of the above, especially arson and armed robbery can be lethal, and the lethality of said crime will not be determined until after it has been commissioned…

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