Late Friday Night Gun Pr0n

Via comments at this fine .45 ACP Revolver post at the New Jovian Thunderbolt, behold Dirtcrashr’s Colt 1909:


Click to embiggen. Drool at your leisure.

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One Response to Late Friday Night Gun Pr0n

  1. Rivrdog says:

    Sorry, boys, not drooling, crying instead, because I now realize that the idiots in charge of military procurement go back as far as 1917.

    In 1917, the Army knew that Colt was working hard to raise production of the M1911 to meet Army contracts, but just like the Navy of the next generation, which refused to let go of the obsolete concept of battlewagons, these jodphur-clad Army officers of a bygone era insisted on their revolvers, so they made a concession that they would shoot the new ACP round. How idiotic! The 45 Long Colt is a far superior cartridge, and revolvers were already available in it, and it had been in use in the Army since 1870 or so.

    The smart play would have been to retain the 45 LC revolvers until such time as sufficient M1911s were available to obsolete the revolvers, not adopt a compromise-calibered weapon.

    The Army still makes these sort of mistakes today, which is why our soldiers are outgunned on battlefields all over the world by having to carry the stupid 5.56mm NATO poodleshooter rifles, and 9mm Europellet pistols.

    Bah! BTW, the concept of full-moon clips is also outmoded, the clips having to be preloaded as they can’t be filled except by total concentration on the task.

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