The Soundboard: Give ‘Em Hell Edition

Today is the day folks. We’ll know by 1100 EST whether or not the Immigration Surrender Bill can be killed where it stands (that’s 0800 for us leftcoasters).

Here are the numbers again. Let no phone go unrung.

The Dems and the media (pardon me for repeating myself) used to always like playing on Bush’s Texas “Texasness” by calling him a “cowboy”, though I have noticed that they don’t do that any more. Let us let them know what the real “cowboys” want. Because surely, no sane person in Texas wants this bill.

Cowboys From Hell – Pantera

UPDATE: That’s the way I like it.

46 – 53. Not even close. And it sounds as though they either shut off incoming phone calls to Senate offices or it was broken by the volume of calls.

Either way, I like that too.

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One Response to The Soundboard: Give ‘Em Hell Edition

  1. Engineer Jim says:

    I lack the vocabulary to rejoice enough. I still can’t believe that so many Senators – regardless of party affiliation – would think this execrable bill was worthy of consideration.

    I despise the words that come out of most Democrats. But, why has this become a partisan issue? Why would any citizen vote for this? The fact that this bill had come so close to passing has me frightened. The self-sufficient, independent philosophy that has made this country so great is dying quickly. Those who believe in this philosophy have been suppressed too long. We need to vote the traitors out of office.

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