The AR vs. AK debate is over, folks

Somebody saw the market space was available and filled it with this new hybrid product. Behold the AK-15!

Background here. I suppose the AR-47 isn’t far behind….

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2 Responses to The AR vs. AK debate is over, folks

  1. Rivrdog says:

    With the new lowers that sport changeable magwells, the AR-47 is a natural, boosting the Stoner design out of the poodleshooter category, but still with common ammo that tries a little harder than 5.56 NATO.

    The Layabout Sailor has all the info on these. They aren’t cheap. It will cost you about $1200 or more to build one.

  2. Actually, somebody did build a 7.62×39 AR that took AK mags for SOCOM. I can’t remember if they called it the AR-47 or the SR-47.

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