It’s not funny because it’s true

The Heartless Libertarian links to David Kopel writing at Reason Online

Guns Don’t Kill People, Gun Control Kills People

The country of Uganda plans to send about 1,500 troops to Somalia as part of an African Union peace-keeping force. The goal is to stabilize the weak government of Somalia, with the hope that the warlords will voluntarily disarm. Hopefully, Ugandan troops will be more successful in Somalia than they have in their own country.

For months now, Ugandan army troops have been garrisoned in the northeast part of the country under orders to disarm the local populace—pastoral, cattle-herding tribes known as the Karamojong. The army is attempting, and failing, to quash an uprising which was caused by a prior attempt to disarm the same tribes.

But in its effort to “disarm,” the Ugandan army, supported by tanks and helicopter gunships, is burning down villages, sexually torturing men, raping women, and plundering what few possessions the tribespeople own. Tens of thousands of victims have been turned into refugees. Human rights scholar Ben Knighton has used the term “ethnocide” to describe the army’s campaign.

This time, the pretext for the “disarmament” of the Karamojong is United Nations gun control. The Ugandan military is trying to round up every last firearm in Karamoja, supposedly for the Karamojong’s own good.

The procedure is euphemistically called “forcible disarmament.” It works something like this: The misnamed Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF) will torture and rape Karamajong, after which some Karamojong might then disclose the location of some hidden guns. Or the army will burn down a village, after which it might find some guns in the ash left behind.

Your tax dollars and mine, given to the UN so that we can stay “members” there, are being used to disarm a populace that has faced genocide within the last couple decades.

You’ve seen the blog-term “Read the Whole Thing” and have probably gone and done so because you knew it was worth it. This is one of those times.

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  1. DirtCrashr says:

    OMG, a perfect-1984-style UN-driven policy (complete with the favored UN policy of rape) of disarmament is killing people.

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