Interesting couple of items

Both from Uncle’s place

The first is the long requested version of BidPay and Paypal for firearms related items.


I haven’t seen it on any of the auction sites as of yet, but I’ve sent emails their way and will be asking prospective sellers.

Unfortunately, as you will see at the link, it seems as though they have already been targeted by crooks sending emails out “confirming payment”. I’d like to see who those people might be connected to.

Secondly, the Lapeer County, Michigan Sheriff’s Department is doing something rather unique that I hope becomes popular:

They are selling one of their nearly unused Colt M-16 A-1′s via sealed bid auction.

If you are qualified to own a Class 3 weapon as per BATF Form 4, you can bid. And I ask kindly that you overbid so as to let other agencies know we in the firearms community will support them if they do these.

I may be too young or just too forgetful to remember, but I remember something about legislation being pushed through Washington DC that would mandate all firearms confiscated by local, state and federal constabularies were to be destroyed.

Here in Washington, I know that none of the various police agencies sell their confiscated firearms. Some do sell their former department issued sidearms to local shops or to designated distributors (like J&G Sales).

Does anyone out there know if my memory serves me well or if I’m just remembering an oddball nightmare from my childhood?

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2 Responses to Interesting couple of items

  1. Rivrdog says:

    You’re right, they all go into the furnace. Liability issues.

  2. Brass says:

    I think this weapon wasn’t seized. I believe it was a gift from Uncle Sam.

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