Oh Shite!

You have got to be kidding me!

From the UK Sun:

JAIL bosses are rebuilding toilets so Muslim inmates don’t have to use them while facing Mecca.

Thousands of pounds of taxpayers money are being spent to ensure lags are not offended.

The Islamic religion prohibits Muslims from facing or turning their backs on the Kiblah — the direction of prayer — when they visit the lav.

Muslim lags claimed they have had to sit sideways on prison WCs.

But after pressure from faith leaders the Home Office has agreed to turn the existing toilets 90 degrees at HMP Brixton in London.

The Home Office refused to reveal the cost of the new facilities — part of an “on-going refurbishment”.

One Muslim former inmate said: “The least the Prison Service can do is make sure people can practise their religion correctly in prison.”

But a Brixton jail officer said: “If they didn’t get locked up for committing crime they would not have this problem. Yet we have to sort out their loos. If we weren’t paying for it as taxpayers I’d laugh my socks off.”

Around a quarter of prisoners at the Category B jail are Muslims.

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2 Responses to Oh Shite!

  1. DFWMTX says:

    The most they should get is a Koran and an “east is thataway”. Unless they’re Muslim terrorists; then they should get ham, pork rinds, bacon, and bowls upon bowls of pork pho.

    I’ve also never heard of such a prohibition in Islam. I think Muslims are using Western civilizations PCness against us, creating ‘prohibitions’ so that even when we are victorious we make small consessions to them like these stupid things.

  2. Tom says:

    I’ve always wondered what a Muslim would do if they were exactly halfway around the world from Mecca and had to pray. Which way would they face? Any direction? The nearest airport? Straight down?

    Same question if they’re just a good bit around the world–do you face the direction you’d start walking if you could walk to Mecca in a straight line, or do you actually *face* Mecca, which would likely be down at an angle.

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