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Just your friendly Pac NW blogger giving all the Washington State residents a helping hand.

Due to the Great RNS Blogstation Meltdown, I have to re-gather all of my links to the Washington State Legislature to put them in my “My Favorites” file. So ifn’ you’re wondering how this works, it goes a little something like this!

First, you have to go to the Find Your Legislator page and type in your address. If you’re concerned about giving them your address, just give them your neighbor’s.

Ta-Da! I’m in the 27th Legislative District. There’s my State Senator and my two State Representatives, unfortunately all Dems.

There are links their state webpage which contain links to their personal webpages, but more importantly, to their committee assignments and their bill sponsorships.
We’ll use my Senator, Debbie Regala’s link as an example.

Let’s see, Deb is the Dem Majority Whip and Vice Chair of the Human Services and Corrections Committee. She also serves on the Rules Committee, Ways & Means as well as the Water, Energy & Telecommunications Comittees.

And going through the Bill Sponsorship Links, she joined Senators Rodney Tom, Jeanne Kohl-Welles, Adam Kline, Darlene Fairley, Ed Murray, Brian Weinstein and Ken Jacobsen (all white Democrats) in co-sponsoring the anti-Gun Show Senate Bill.

More letters to write!

Remember how the Dem Majority shuffled the anti-Gun Show bill to an obscure committee to make sure that it got passed out onto the floor for a vote? Well, if you go to the Legislative Committees page, you can find all the committees of both houses of the legislature.

Or, if you want to look up a bill by either it’s number or with a brief description, you can go to the Bill Information page.

For you folks who aren’t in Washington State, I have Googled a few of my neighboring states and their sites are quite similar, some being better, some worse.

I encourage you to make at least a weekly stop in on your legislature and keep an eye on those anti-freedom bastards. If you need a reason, just remember the state employs people whose job it is to watch the site stats. Keep those page view numbers up. Let them know we’re watching.

I’ll be back tomorrow with some actual good news on the topic of firearms in Washington State.

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    Hearing for SB5197 (Gun show loophole bill) scheduled for Thurs, 8 Feb at 3:30 pm.

    See the reposted GOAL Post at my blog for full info.

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