Shooting at the Seattle Jewish Federation Building

One person dead. Up to a half dozen wounded depending on who you listen to.

Story here.

Raw video here and here

While the story talks about the suspect in custody being a Pakistani man with a previously known criminal background, the guy in cuffs in the first video looks to be a middle aged white guy, so we’ll see.

There is an area 6-8 blocks large that has been cordoned off while the Seattle PD look for a possible second suspect.

In the meanwhile, the bicycling jackasses who like to block traffic, start fights and assault police officers, ‘Critical Mass’, are continuing their end of every month rally just a few blocks away from the cordoned off area.

How nice of them.

UPDATE: According the the TV news, one of the wounded is now telling police that the man in custody walked in and told the person at the front desk that ‘he was an American Muslim who was angry at Israel’ before he started shooting.

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2 Responses to Shooting at the Seattle Jewish Federation Building

  1. Raging_Dave says:

    I’d like to say that I’m surprised, but I’m not. Saddened, yes, but not surprised at all. I saw way too many people who loved to scream “ZIONIST” while I lived up there.

  2. texasred says:

    I wonder if they will charge him with a hate crime??

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