And he says he cares about his party

I seriously doubt it what with comments like this

Kos posts about the Georgia 4th Disctrict Dem Primary Race

McKinney (D) 21
Johnson (D) 46

While this primary has generated some passion, I have no particular preference. Though given McKinney’s primary loss in 2002, it’s not like her district is generally inclined to keep her around. The person defeating her in 2002, Denise Majette, stepped down to run for Senate in 2004, opening the door for McKinney’s return.

This is a solidly Democratic district, so the winner of the primary will sit in Congress next January.

He admits that whomever wins the primary will sit in the House seat and he doesn’t care if it is Cynthia McKrazy.

He must be a Rovian plant.

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