‘O’ stands for “Obvious”

It also stands for Oregon.

Tailgating cited as top driver error in crashes

Tailgating has become the top factor in highway crashes around Oregon, according to state officials.

Nearly a third of the crashes reported in 2004 were the result of rear-end collisions caused by drivers who were following too closely — 13,000 crashes out of a total 41,000 across the state, said Steve Vitolo, the Oregon Department of Transportation safety program manager.

Has this ever not been a top factor in the history of automobiles?

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One Response to ‘O’ stands for “Obvious”

  1. Kristopher says:

    The problem here is Californian Immigrants. They can’t figure out why native Oregonian drivers slow down while driving in bad weather, so they tailgate during rainstorms.

    Results are predictable.

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