The Soundboard: Dazed and Confused

One of the guys who hauls the freight containers full of trash from my transfer station to the rail yard came into the scalehouse while I was revisiting a couple of the older Rush albums earlier this week.

To my surprise, he asked me if I was high. I replied in the negative and ask him why he’d think to ask such a question.

He says that the only time he could listen to Rush was when he was in his late teens and stoned in his friend’s parent’s basement. After he quit doing that he couldn’t listen to them anymore.

We went through some friendly back and forth on that topic and I came to realize that he didn’t know they were still putting out albums or for that matter, even alive.

So, because Tom is a good guy with a long fuse I took the radio out of his truck on my lunch break last night and replaced with a unit that I found in the shop’s junk pile.

It has no radio reception and I disabled the CD eject button.

When he gets on the road tonight he’ll have one Rush mix CD that I made specifically for him to listen to for his entire shift.

Oh, and the opening song on the disk will be this one,

A Passage to Bangkok – Rush

It’s his Friday so I hope he has a good night.

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