Pumpkin Shoot AAR

First off, all I have to say is, you should have been there.

A small crate of pumpkins and four vehicles worth of firearms, are you kidding me? It was the ‘Must Attend Event of the Year’ (or at least the month)!

It all started so innocently two years ago when I got together with Sondra K, Raging Dave, Mollbot and a few co-workers to go out into the woods and absolutely splaughter as many pumpkins as my truck would hold during for a two day event (think three of the 6x6x6 crates that sit in front of the grocery store).


And that kicked off the Blogger Blastorama series of events.

Well, the place we shot the last time has been gated up so that it is no longer accessible and I decided to get together with Mr. Completely to take over the CWSA range and stop the 2005 invasion of the pumpkin horde army. Joining us was KeeWee, Mr. JimP, a frequent pin shooter with Mr. C and KeeWee, and the conspicuously absent as of late, Mollbot.

Now, the only real difficulty with going shooting with a group of good folks is that there is so much shooting going on that you forget to take many pictures. I’ve got a few, Mr. Completely has a few and KeeWee has a few. You should stop by all three places to get a good view of the event.

The following images are quite graphic.

If you have difficulty viewing images of pumpkins that have been shot full of holes and pumpkin guts spewed across the landscape, do not click the link below.


It started out with a royal shellacking of The Kid in pin shooting competition, first by KeeWee (yes, I got my butt kicked by a girl. Not the first time) and then by Mollbot.

We then moved to where the first push by the pumpkin horde army was happening, which just so happened to be the 75yd pistol range.

They could really use a change in tactics. The way they put themselves up on stands and stay still isn’t a very good military maneuver.


One of the cool things that I did remember to take a picture of was Jim P’s German G43.


Let’s just say that 8mm Mauser makes the pumpkins, umm, explode quite dramatically.

Here is the smile Mr. C put on the face of a pumpkin with his Hi-Standard pin race gun.


Quite the artist, eh?

And here is Mollbot collecting the horde casualties. We would have just burned the corpses, but it was raining on and off and diesel is at a premium, so in the can they went.


Next, the pumpkin horde decided to open up another front over on the rifle range. That was a bad idea as I had brought both Barak the Boomershoot rifle and my Ruger 22-250HB to let the attendees try their hand with the pool cue chalks.

There are some good shots of the rifle range portion at Mr. C’s and KeeWee’s place. I was too busy shooting to get any pics of this other than the after effects.

This is what happens when you hit a 12in pumpkin with eight shots of .22-250 Remingtion 55gr Pointed Soft Points at 200yds.


The grass in front of the pumpkin was too tall and I had to stop as I couldn’t see the pumpkin from the firing line any more.

Meanwhile, Mollbot was tapping this gourd repeatedly at 200yds with Barak.


The lower hits are five shots of .308Win Sierra 168gr HPBT and the upper two are more from the .22-250 PSP’s.

Of course, when you turn the pumpkin around, you get to see the exit points.


And as you can see from the pics, it got dark and since we didn’t have night vision we had to pack it in, having thoroughly stopped the 2005 invasion of the pumpkin horde army.

Since the pumpkins will invade again next year around this time, I’ll be doing this again next year. If you’re in the greater western Washington area, you’re welcome to join us.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I still have guns to clean.

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