As if we didn’t already know

About the hypocrisy of the Hollywood left, there have been a couple items that have surfaced in the past couple days to remind us.

First up, this piece from the NYPost

Pistol-packing Joe Mantegna is blasting a chink in the politically correct armor of some Hollywood heavyweights — he says they love to own and shoot guns.

The “Joan of Arcadia” star says that such left-leaning showbiz types as Steven Spielberg, Leonardo DiCaprio and playwright David Mamet are all avid shooters.

“Lots of guys in Hollywood love to shoot,” Mantegna, a longtime gun sportsman, tells Fade In magazine. “But they ain’t gonna talk to you.”

Sure, we all knew that, but here is the money quote,

Even gung-ho action director Richard Donner (“Lethal Weapon”), who has a concealed weapon permit, was reluctant to talk. “I am anything but a gun enthusiast,” he said in a terse statement. “The only reason I would ever own a gun is for the protection of my home, my environment or my family under the circumstances in which I am forced to live.”

Aww, how nice! He wants his guns to protect his ‘important’ self and family, but us ‘po folks will just have to rely on the police after he gives money to anti-gun groups and pols.

Found at Right Thinking from the Left Coast.

And just in case you haven’t seen it yet, there is a “Name the Liberal� quiz over at Right Wing News that comes from items discussed in the Peter Schweizer book, ‘From Do As I Say (Not As I Do): Profiles In Liberal Hypocrisy’
One of the questions asked,

Who says the rich need to pay their fair share and favors the estate tax, but hides his own assets in numerous trusts, including one in the faraway Pacific island of Fiji?

a. George Soros
b. John Edwards
c. Ted Kennedy

Answer: C. Ted Kennedy. The Kennedys have transferred more than half a billion in money from generation to generation but according to their own records paid only $34,000 in estate taxes. Their largest asset, the Merchandise Mart real estate company, was in a trust domiciled in Fiji.

Gotta love those Kennedy’s.

(OK, no you don’t. Just don’t go breaking anything, alright?)

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  1. Rivrdog says:

    Actually, the best depiction of that attitude in Hollywood was the scene in the original “Rollerball” where the mega-rich were having a party and someone brings out this futuristic pistol and they fire at and destroy all the palm trees on the hacienda. And then laughed, knowing that all the hoi-palloi couldn’t have those weapons.

    BTW, my regrets for the Island Blasto: I jsut can’t get out of the orientation session at my new range, Douglas Ridge Rifle Club, which is at the same time, so I have to stay here and go to that meeting.

    Not making the meeting puts off me being able to use the range until next year, and that’s not doable.

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