It could happen to you

Boomershoot director and freedom advocate, Joe Huffman has built a website about his recent termination from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory that you really need to go see.

I say this because what you are doing right now, if you are doing it at work, even on your lunch break, could get you fired.

Even if you don’t write on a blog, just reading them can be grounds for termination. This is why I don’t blog from my work or about my work except when something extraordinary happens. Nor do I tell many of my fellow emplyees that I have a blog. That is all I need is for my manger to start stopping by even semi-regularly to see what I have to say.

If my employer decided that he didn’t like what I was writing or who I was reading, they have no barriers to firing me. It would be as easy as “Can I talk to you in my office for a minute? Thanks. By the way, you’re fired.”

Just go read what Joe has up and support him in his fight of a wrong done to a good man.

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One Response to It could happen to you

  1. Barb says:

    I hear you – and it is a concern. A few co-workers know about my blog, but I try not to publicize it. Still – the concern is there … and it doesn’t even have to be about your viewpoints. It could come from the perspective of invalid use of company property.

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