Friday Dog Blogging

I think everyone here remembers Jake the Vichy Dachsund, right?

Well, for those who don’t, Jake is the 16yr old, blind and deaf Dachsund with the inactive thyroid that the Analog Wife adopted over a year ago. She got Jake because Peaches, the Pug who had to wear diapers, was already taken.

My wife, the ‘hard case’ lover.

But I guess I shouldn’t complain, she married ME fercrisakes.

Anyway, while Jake has a number of organs that don’t work anymore, his olfactory one has made up the difference.

The wife and I went to PeTa’s favorite place on Sunday and picked up a family bucket and when we got home we discovered that Jake really likes KFC. He is known to beg, but I had never seen him as vehement as he was that afternoon and when we were done, he literally sat in the kitchen looking in the direction of the bucket until the wife gave in.

She emptied the bucket except for a few pieces of popcorn chicken and let Jake have at it.

Here is is at work

Jake in bucket.jpg

Here is trying on his guilty look, but we know he enjoyed it

Jake not Guilty.jpg

One good thing about Jake is that he is so old and fat that he is easy to photgraph.

Make sure your dog has as good a weekend or better as you do.

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