Your tax dollars at work

One of the local National Public Radio station, KPLU, is advertizing vacations to Cuba they’ve been organizing.

Join KPLU On An 8-Night Adventure To Cuba

KPLU is going to Cuba this winter! Our previous tour was so popular we are offering two different trips, departing Jan. 24 and Feb. 7. Discover music, culture, art and dance in beautiful Cuba! Don’t delay spots will fill quickly.

For the low-low price of $4350 (per person, double occupancy) you can fly straight from Miami to Havana, Cuba!

Don’t worry, the Treasury Department has given a permit to a company calling themselves Earthbound Expeditions to operate “missionary trips” from Miami to Cuba. Just file your paperwork to get registered as a missionary, and you’re all set for your Cuban vacation without having to make a stop in either Canada or Mexico!


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There is a point

Where delusion becomes psychosis.

Democrats are more afraid of global warming than the threat posed by the Islamic State terrorists, according to a new Pew Research Center poll.

Democrats are also more afraid of monsters under the bed than of a home invasion robbery.

They also believe that living under the Castro Regime wouldn’t be so bad if the US would lift its embargo, that women actually earn only $0.77 for every dollar a man makes, that middle-class “gun culture” is the cause of the high murder using a firearm rate in the US, and lastly, the dumbest sentence uttered by human kind in all of time, that Marxism will work if only the right people are put in charge.

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Did you hear the one about

The UN “peacekeeping” troops in Syria who came under heavy fire from Islamists and had to flee to Jordan for safety?

Probably not, because they actually hauled ass across the Syrian-Lebanese border because they knew they’d be safe there.

No, no, no. They didn’t flee to Jordan or Lebanon. They fled to a place declared by the UN Secretary General to be both immoral and criminal: Israel.

Israel: The last best place to run for cover in the middle east.


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Alien Gear IWB Review

A couple months ago I was contacted by Tyler from Alien Gear Holsters about test driving one of their latest CloakTuck IWB holster. I already had an IWB holster from CrossBreed I was happy with, so I clicked out of the email and went on about my day.

The following week, Tyler emailed me back asking if I had seen his previous email. I didn’t want to be rude and all “get outta here kid, ya bother me”, so I hit the link in the email to their site and checked out their product before responding back.

I am quite happy I made that decision. I responded back to Tyler and got my holster in the mail within a week. I have been wearing the holster for nearly two months now and I’d like to tell you about it.


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Sunday Funnies

The first one says it all really. The rest are just for show.





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The Good News

In the continuing saga of the table the brown shipping company destroyed, this week, after taking care of some business, I completed the rebuilding of said table.

Since Daniel has been Customer of the Year, when he asked if he could replace the shear blade with a couple wrenches, I said I could do that.


Personally, I like this top better than the previous one it had.

It looked like this when it left my house.


The top passed all the weight tests, but I can’t do too much on my end to keep it from being shatter proof. So I placed props between the top and the foot and secured them with wrapping. I then wrapped the top to the foot to make doubly sure that the props were secured. Then I wrapped the middle section again.

I took it to the blue shipping company after I found a locally owned shipping place that works with them who had a guy behind the counter that knew what he was doing when it came to packing fragile items. I took insurance out on this again, just in case.

Everyone, cross your fingers. It should arrive Thursday or Friday.

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RNS Quote of the Day: 08/29/14

This story

And this post

Can both be explained by this


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A sign of the coming of the apocalypse

The sequel that never was.

Ridley Scott On The ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel Script: ‘It’s Written And It’s Damn Good’

To which I reply: Good. Finally. And it damn well better be.

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Oh Noes!!11!

There might be a teacher in Texas who is certified to carry a firearm on school property!

Texas school arms staff and warns visitors they will use force to protect students

No surprise, the article is from where Great Britain used to be. Where they act like children because they get treated like children.

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I wonder how it feels

For them to have Obamacare take away their doctor?

California Health Provider Regal Medical Group Rejects All ACA Insureds, Takes Everyone Else

The always angry Karoli over at the hyper-leftist Crooks and Liars blog appears to have had her Obamacare policy rejected by her doctor.

Incapable of recognizing the origination of the problem, she demands that more legislation be enacted to solve her problem.

Congress needs to adopt my new rules for health care providers right away.

If you take Medicare reimbursements, you take Affordable Care Act policy reimbursements.

If you take CMS grants for Accountable Care Organizations, you take Affordable Care Act policy coverage.

And if you take reimbursements from the same insurers who offer coverage on the exchange, you take Affordable Care Act reimbursements.

Did you think those rules were already in effect? Because I certainly did, at least until today.

She seems to think that Medicaid and Medicare are “cash cows” for physicians and physician groups. Which is probably why she thinks that the Blue Shield Obamacare plan (through Covered California) and all other Blue Shield plans are the same when it comes to reimbursements on the physician’s end.

She refuses to educate herself because the truth would make too damn much sense and she wouldn’t be able to get as angry about it.

On a different note, I mentioned a couple weeks back that it was my time for a yearly physical and while I was getting my did done, I was going to bring up Concierge Care with Frau Doktor, who had originally said she didn’t like the idea, but had not looked into it too deeply.

I did ask, mentioning that it would be something I would be interested in if it meant that I could remain under her care if something were to happen either to my insurance or between her and my insurance company.

She replied that she had looked into it, and that I was not the only one to have asked. However, she had decided it was too much of a PITA to try and figure out what a reasonable rate would be and that she’d just retire if the SHTF for her practice. I assured her that that research had already been done. I had found it using a common search engine, but it was too long ago for me to be able to reliable start quoting numbers.

She said that if something untoward happens to/with my insurance that I could just come in and pay her cash prices which, I found out, aren’t that much more expensive than my deductible. I asked if she could make up a list of these things and maybe I could save her some time in her billing department in the future.

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