A Triple Doublecross

Upon watching Karl Rove rail against the absurdity that is the upcoming Rather/Mapes tongue bath otherwise known in the cinematic arena as “Truth”, the leftosphere has a new excuse for the bad journalism.

It’s Karl Rove’s fault.

That’s pretty rich coming from one of the slimiest political operatives of our time, working for one of the worst right wing propaganda outlets of our generation. It would not surprise me one iota to find out that Rove had something to do with those documents sent over to CBS.

The right wing was ready to pounce on them immediately, as though they knew they were coming, and as was pointed out at the time, those documents didn’t change the fact that the underlying premise of their reporting about Bush being AWOL from Guard duty was true. It was an all too convenient distraction which just happened to serve the purpose of giving the right an excuse to discredit the entire story.

They’ll just never stop with that guy. Yeah, he’s oozing more goo than Slimer from the Ghostbuster’s franchise, but ‘ol Turd Blossom was/is definitely not the “all-knowing, all-seeing” evil freak of nature they like to portray him as.

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Talk about a clown show

The left likes to mock the show of democracy in action that is the Republican Presidential Primaries* by labeling it as a “clown car” or “clown show”. What they refuse to see is that their small field is mostly older and whiter than both the model of diversity they prefer to put forward and than that of the Republican Party.

Also, they don’t recognize that a bunch of pandering nincompoops offering innumerable gift items to the Free Shit Army might be a bad thing. They believe that Candidate Clinton’s tendency to pull levers of power known only to someone of her “experience” and her ability to shamelessly pander are good things. They are proud of Candidate Sanders’ declaration of being a proud Democratic Socialist is wonderful. They don’t understand that Joe Biden getting into the show would mean he would have to run on Preisdent Obama’s record.

It’s as though, as a group, they don’t understand what it would take to make a good Chief Executive. Imagine that.

Which is why, when I settle into watch the Democrat Party’s first “debate” tonight, I’ll be really only seriously listening to one person speak.

The wild card at the Democratic debate could be the guy no one’s talking about

*The Stupid Party is acting a bit foolish, but that is mostly media spin. However, I can only think of two Republican candidates I would vote for in the General Election: Paul and Fiorina. I would listen to Rubio and Jindal, but they had better sing sweetly. Otherwise, if the Dems somehow found a snuff can full of sense and nominated Webb, I might be swayed to do something I haven’t done in 24 years.

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I think I like this idea a little bit

E.J. Dionne puts forward an idea which, I’m sure, he hopes the President will hear

The time has come to recast this battle as a fight to hold those who make billions of dollars from the sale of firearms accountable for what their products do to individuals and communities. We must call for corporate responsibility, and enforce it by law if it’s not forthcoming. And President Obama, whose outrage about guns many of us share, must be willing to go well beyond what he has done so far.

As is their way, the community organizers and activists at the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) are pushing the president to use the federal government’s purchasing power to promote safer guns. To do business with the government, companies would have to be willing to “remove the barriers to getting smart guns and gun safety technologies to market” and cooperate with law enforcement to “identify and isolate dealers that provide large numbers of guns used in crimes.”

Governments at all levels account for roughly 40 percent of gun industry revenues. The federal government alone accounts for about 25 percent. Taxpayers have a right to demand responsibility from an industry that gets so much of our money.

So, if his idea gets passed, if a manufacturer doesn’t put “smart gun technology” into their products, the government won’t buy it.

Since there is no actual, working “smart gun technology”, the feds and any other gun toter muni will eventually either have no firearms or old firearms in need of repair.

How is that a loss, exactly?

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There Is No Diversity Crisis in Tech

…but we can’t say that!


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A Message

To Kanye West, who claims he is being discriminated against in the fashion industry because he is a heterosexual.

Of course, it is the same thing I’d tell him if he asked me for the time of day.

Continue reading

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I would almost consider it a service

Except he’s doing for “the message”.

Father on Facebook destroys firearms after Oregon shooting

It appears that he cut up a Ruger P89. A noble idea.

I’d like to know how long he has owned it and got get his more outrageous claims verified (he says that multiple members of his family had committed or attempted suicide with firearms). Sorry, but if even half of them are true, there is a whole lot wrong with that family.

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Not Helping

There is an analogy about opinions and assholes. I can think of a couple different ways to apply it to Mark Carman.


I’d give a countdown to OK Corral comparisons, but the left have already started making them because somebody got stupid in public.

Police responding to a “shots fired” call at a Home Depot store said a customer apparently tried to stop a shoplifter by firing at a fleeing vehicle.

The incident occurred at 2 p.m. at the store on Joslyn, according to a police press release.

A 47- year-old Clarkston woman in the parking lot witnessed one of the store’s loss prevention officers trying to stop a shoplifting suspect getting into a dark colored SUV. The customer — identified as a concealed pistol license holder — reportedly fired shots at the dark-colored SUV as it sped out of the lot.

It’s unknown how many rounds were fired from her 9mm handgun, but police believe she hit and flattened one of the vehicle’s rear tires as it sped off in the direction of Brown Road.

It was not known if anyone was injured in the incident. The customer remained on the scene and was cooperating with police. A report is to be turned over to the county prosecutor for review of possible charges, if any, on the woman.

Hit her with all of the book. As a lesson to others, if for no other reason.


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I did not know about these

Just like how they don’t understand that raising the minimum wage makes it harder for low income individuals and families to feed themselves, they apparently also want them more likely to be unable to arm themselves.

Both sides in a nation sharply divided over guns seem to agree on at least one thing: a bigger role for the insurance industry in a heavily armed society. But just what that role should be, and whether insurers will choose to accept it, are much in dispute.

Lawmakers in at least half a dozen states, including California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York and Pennsylvania, have proposed legislation this year that would require gun owners to buy liability insurance — much as car owners are required to buy auto insurance. Doing so would give a financial incentive for safe behavior, they hope, as people with less dangerous weapons or safety locks could qualify for lower rates.

“I believe that if we get the private sector and insurance companies involved in gun safety, we can help prevent a number of gun tragedies every year,” said David P. Linsky, a Democratic state representative in Massachusetts who wants to require gun owners to buy insurance. He believes it will encourage more responsible behavior and therefore reduce accidental shootings. “Insurance companies are very good at evaluating risk factors and setting their premiums appropriately,” he added.

What if a criminal is found with a firearm but no insurance policy? Will they prosecute? Or will this just become like other firearms related charges; something for prosecutors to drop in the hopes of getting a plea to a lesser charge? And what about coming into the jurisdiction from out of state?

And if Linsky so believes that “Insurance companies are very good at evaluating risk factors and setting their premiums appropriately,” why is he still a member of the party that mandated insurers to go through government channels to set health insurance rates?

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Research and Advice

I believe it was early last week when I found the link to this at the AoSHQ

“If I Just Talk To The Police I Can Clear This Up” — The Dangerous Delusion

I meant to post it earlier for those who didn’t see it, but sitting upright time wasn’t an option. Thankfully I had saved it. RTWT and then spread the word.

Then, over the weekend, I found out about this site


It’s not what you think.

In 1963, the United States Supreme Court made a landmark decision in Brady v. Maryland 373 U.S. 83. The decision’s main focus was regarding exculpatory evidence in criminal prosecutions. Exculpatory evidence is evidence that tends to be favorable to the criminal defendant.

In the Brady decision, the Supreme Court opined that the criminal prosecutor has an obligation to make a Brady disclosure where exculpatory evidence exist.

Brady disclosures are mandated if statements of witnesses or physical evidence conflicts with the prosecution’s witnesses, and when evidence exist that could allow the defense to impeach the credibility of a prosecution witness.

Sometimes, it is the police officer that has a history of dishonesty, which will mandate a Brady disclosure. These police officers with credibility problems are referred to as “Brady cops”.

Due to the Brady ruling, prosecutors are required to notify criminal defendants, and their attorneys, whenever a law enforcement officer involved in their case has a sustained record for knowingly lying in an official capacity.

Because of this mandated responsibility, of identifying “Brady cops” – many local prosecutors develop a list of Brady cops that they make available to defense attorneys, thus satisfying that section of the Brady ruling.

The prosecutors that do develop a Brady list will usually reach out to their local police agencies’ internal affairs sections requesting sustained internal affairs investigations that call into question the credibility of those identified police officers. Surprisingly, many prosecutors do NOT develop or maintain a Brady list within their jurisdiction. In failing to do so, it’s left to speculation on how these prosecutors fulfill their reporting obligations under the Brady ruling.

Therefore, BradyCops.Org has a two prong purpose. We intend to build a nationwide database which contains as many of these Brady lists as we can secure. Further, we (BradyCops.Org) will identify those prosecutorial jurisdictions that have NOT developed or maintained a Brady list.

It’s not something you need to check frequently, but mark an update schedule on your calendar. Remember the names in your area.

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Back to Work

So the leg and foot are still healing, but I’m out of vacation/sick time, so it is back to work. It now only looks like a really bad sunburn, with the requisite peeling, and no longer like I stepped into a deep fryer.

Wish me luck.

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