Somebody Failed

The Analogy Crafting portion of her Critical Thinking course.

Namely, Heather “Digby” Parton who writes at Salon.

Her analogy compares open carry and other pro-firearms civil rights actions, like the I-594 protest, to a Muslim Sharia-advocacy group calling themselves “The Sword of the Prophet” open carrying loaded rifles outside of Sunday church services.

Because one group simply wanting their rights to possess and trade their tools freely restored is the same as a group that wants to legalize slavery and the wanton murder of those who won’t submit to their religious belief.

“Digby” is supposed one of the smarter ones from the leftosphere to have made it into a paying gig.

I weep for their future.


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Singled Out

Because of their race.

At a time when racial tensions are running high, students at a Texas college are upset because a controversial assignment called ‘White Privilege’ given by a professor at Lone Star College – Tomball campus.

The assignment was a ‘White Privileges’ worksheet given in an online course.


The worksheet included statements like: ‘I can go shopping alone most of the time, pretty well assured that I will not be followed or harassed,’ ‘If a traffic cop pulls me over or if the IRS audits my tax return, I can be sure I haven’t been singled out because of my race,’ and ‘I can turn on the television or open the front page of the paper and see people of my race being well represented.’

The student did not want to be identified for fear of backlash from the professor and told KPRC that he hopes the professor will re-think the assignment.


The professor has not commented publicly about the assignment but the college released a statement saying the assignment was a ‘supplemental’ exercise with no point value.

Of course, there was no question on the paper that asked “I can attend a public college without fear of being singled out for harassment by my instructors because of my race.”

Maybe next time.

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Sunday Funnies

Didn’t really have time to look this week. How about some infographics instead?




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More Mr. Big Stuff

Work is continuing apace with the wall that Phil built.

Here is the front of the monstrosity (taken during lunch, hence the stuff laying about).


You can’t see the top because it’s higher than the roll-up door.

The piece of angle that is about one-third of the way from the floor is only there temporarily. The piece of 8″ x 8″ square tubing just off the floor is the moving part.

Here is some of the higher stuff put in to support the wood that will help make this a sealed chamber.


After these photos were taken, we installed the jambs which will serve as the front of the fascia. I’ll get pics of those on Monday when I show up to help install some very specialized steel that will hold the main bits being tested by the seismic action.

I’m working on this project for the guy, as well as two minor items that have wheels, during the times when I’m waiting for parts to be given to me to install. I’m basically being told that any day between Monday and the start of the new school quarter that I want to work, I should come in and work. They have a backlog of smaller projects they’ve been thinking of building but put off because their previous welder was more time limited than I currently am.

To give you some hint of how much I’ve been welding for them, in four days I have gone through 11lbs of 0.035 MIG wire, and we’re about halfway done. While that is not a lot of wire for, say, a shipyard welder or a construction-crew welder, for a fabrication guy, that is a fairly good amount. I bought a 33lb spool this afternoon, and won’t be surprised if I run through half of it here before the start of the new quarter.

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And that

Is when I passed out, doc.


If you hit the link above, know that I have long had the idea to do the same thing except to the 4A-GE Toyota MR2 motor. The factory 1588cc motor put out around 125hp and 105lb-ft with factory EFI. Sadly for the factory, the stock size mill was rated as good to go for 11,500rpm with Weber or Mikuni carburation, which added around 50 more horses and added 35lb-ft with the new power band.

Also, the Toyota Racing Development guys built a stroker kit for the engine that took it to a slightly less diminutive 1711cc’s and upped the power numbers to 145hp / 140lb-ft, again using the otherwise factory EFI. This mill was good to go for 10,000rpm and with a well adjusted carb system a new power band of right around 200hp and 150lb-ft.

Pairing two of the strokers would give you a 3.4L V-8 pushing out an estimated 350hp / 250lb-ft with dual Webers or four Mikunis that you could slip under the hood of something as small as a Celica back when they were still RWD.

Or, you could just bolt up on a pair of supercharger kits from the 4A-GZE mill for Ludicrous Speed.


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Working Out

My Millermatic. And myself, to a lesser extent.

I got a call last week from the guy who tests architectural designs about him needing some welding done. A slightly complicated design of which I could only understand about half of the blueprints. Mostly because I had never seen anything like the seismic portion of the design.

We started out on the floor getting it squared and tacked.


Here it is sitting in front of the current test subject that is attached to The Unicorn.

But by the afternoon we had it upright and about 75% of the way done.


That piece of 8in x 8in x 3/8in square tubing along the bottom just off the floor will slide left and right and move up and down. We’ll be attaching the contact points for the hydraulic pistons today and then attaching it to the three sections of wall I helped assemble a few weeks back.

After that, the guy’s team of carpenters will seal it in and they will begin the moving and shaking. After the first of the year when the testing is done, I’ll get to come in and disassemble it with a cutting torch to try and save as much of the steel as possible for use on future projects.

This project has been my first taste of actual structural welding in a practical sense and I enjoyed every minute of it. Even the laying on my stomach and back and welding into a corner parts. Sometimes I forget I’m getting paid to have this much fun.

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Seeing Red

Not me. The Social Justice Warriors.

You see, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education has decided to respond to the wave of false rape accusations on college campuses by branching out into legal defense.

This angers those so blinded by adjective-modified justice that they have no idea what actual justice looks like. To them, defending those who are being put through the star chamber of campus tribunals is the same as rape.

Especially since FIRE receives some funding from the eevviill Koch brothers.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, a group backed financially by the Koch brothers that “fights for student and faculty rights” – is representing students who say they have been falsely accused of sex crimes or “denied fair treatment under state or college judicial processes” in relation to sex crimes on campus, according to The Record.


The Foundation for Individual Rights will be taking up lawsuits on behalf of men who say they have been falsely accused of sexual assault or rape on campus. “We get reports from accused students,” Harris said. “It seems like the pressure to address this effectively leads to abandonment of due process that universities should be offering.”

If taken to court, the lawsuits will mark a new direction for the Koch-funded organization, which typically fights – in court – for “free speech” for the student body and has filed (and won) dozens of lawsuits targeting so-called “free speech zones” on campus.

I guess that being treated equally AND having special privileges gets tough when one of your special privileges gets challenged.

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So shortsighted as to be blind

This isn’t going to end well

FDNY drops physical test requirement amid low female hiring rate

The Fire Department has stopped requiring probationary firefighters to pass a job-related physical-skills test before getting hired — a move that critics derided as a lowering of standards.

The move by first-year Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro, which allows probies to fail components of the Functional Skills Training test but still graduate from the Fire Academy, comes amid criticism of the department’s low hiring rate of women.

“It’s a lowering of the standards across the board,” said one former FDNY official familiar with training protocol.

“What needs to matter is how well you perform the tasks of firefighting,” he added. “The question is when you’re 270 pounds and you’re on the fourth floor and someone comes through that window — can they pick you up and drag you out or not?”

The FST drills include advancing a heavy tire 6 to 8 feet, raising a ladder up a wall and breaching holes in a ceiling — while wearing an oxygen tank with a limited amount of air.

Because no firefighter has ever needed those skills. Ever.

It would just be better to send the CUNY Gender Studies Department into a burning building. The results would be the same, but the world would be a happier place.

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Sunday Funnies

Finally, something good.



And an oldie but a goodie


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It was foretold

That programs such as Obamacare would overload the system to the point where service availability at the individual level would decline.

“Nonsense!” said the promoters of the program. “Only a fool would believe that!”

Half of Doctors Listed as Serving Medicaid Patients Are Unavailable, Investigation Finds

I prefer to say “I told you so” with a piece of re-bar. But that might just be because I work with metal all day.

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