Stupid Politician Tricks

When you you have to monetize good behavior in adults, it means there is something wrong with how they were raised as children.

DC bill would pay people stipends to not commit crimes

They say crime doesn’t pay, but that might not be entirely true in the District of Columbia as lawmakers look for ways to discourage people from becoming repeat offenders.

The D.C. Council is voting on a bill Tuesday that includes a proposal to pay residents a stipend not to commit crimes. It’s based on a program in Richmond, California, that advocates say has contributed to deep reductions in crime there.

It’s the new Danegeld!

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The victimhood never ends

Is there such a thing as Heterophobia?

San Francisco Gays Want “Tech Bros” Out of Their Neighborhoods

San Francisco, the gay capital of America, is facing invasion from so-called “tech bros,” according to residents of the city’s famous gay districts who are upset by the growing number of straight people in their communities.

Historically, the LGBT community had forged its own path in the city, creating its own culture in San Francisco “gayborhoods.” Open homosexuality was still not accepted by much of mainstream society, so they stuck together in neighborhoods such as the Castro district.

However, the past decade has seen a dramatic shift in how the majority of Americans view LGBT citizens: with the legalisation of gay marriage in 2015, most Americans now have come to accept gay people. This has led to a much greater integration into the mainstream populace of the LGBT community, which many would believe to be a good thing.

Except some members of the gay community quite like having their own special place. They don’t want to have to cater to straight people the same way that heterosexual folks have accepted them. Quoted in The Guardian, Cleve Jones, a gay activist, saw something that “shocked him” in his local gay bar. “The tech bros had taken over The Mix. They commanded the pool table and the patio. These big, loud, butch guys. It was scary,” he said.

Go jump in a lake of Diet Coke, fucker.

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RNS Quote of the Day: 02/05/16

Speaking about yesterday’s decision handed down that nixes Maryland’s AWB.

This case was a major victory for the NRA and gun rights advocates.

Adam Winkler – UCLA Law Professor

I suppose I could have said it better, but this works for me.

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A Test

Which one of these sentences was an actual headline

Surprise: Firing Bad Truck Drivers Improves Logistical Performance, Study Says

Surprise: Firing Bad Welders Improves Structural Integrity, Study Says

Surprise: Firing Bad Cooks Improves Flavor of Meals, Study Says

Surprise: Firing Bad Sales People Improves Percentage of Met Sales Quotas, Study Says

Surprise: Firing Bad Teachers Improves Student Performance, Study Says

Ok, it’s probably NOT a surprise to anyone with a couple brain cells that occasionally bump into one another that the last one was the real headline about a real story about a real study that academics completed. The Teacher’s unions and the government’s Department of Education have spent billions over the decades to try and reprogram people to believe differently.

But in worlds where the sky is blue, the theory is true.


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What was he expecting?

Paul Heroux, a state-level legislator in Massachusettes, goes to HuffPo to publish a question:

What if the Second Amendment Were Repealed?

The answer in the comments section was, overwhelmingly, Civil War.

He doesn’t seem delusional, so I have to ask if he thought there was a different answer waiting for him?

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That’ll go over well

If they’re worried about “racist” Germans not wanting them in their country, then they’re taking the wrong route to acceptance.

Germany needs to ban alcohol if it wants to prevent further sexual violence and to help North African migrants integrate into society, a Muslim pressure group has claimed.

Commenting on the Cologne sex-attack controversy, MuslimStern, which has 20,000 followers on Facebook, said its mission was to ‘highlight the way the media was using the incidents to promote racism against minorities’.

The group complained that the female victims had brought the unwanted attention to themselves by dressing in a manner that North African men were not accustomed to.

The group claimed: ‘You cannot expect to chuck a naked antelope in front of a lion and not expect it to react. It is mind boggling that with so much time spent teaching children about sex at school, they completely forget to pass on this basic biological fact.’

As a consequence of the attacks, they urged the German government to introduce a ban across the country on the consumption of alcohol.

The group also blamed women for getting attacked by inciting the young men.

And the reaction from the leftists of all this victim blaming…..?


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And we’re back!

That is what happens when you get your new plastic money card with a new number and expiration date and forget that your old one is used to pay for your domain name and don’t tell the registration folks.

At least somebody is worse at this blogging thing than Robb Allen.

Thanks to all the folks who emailed.

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They seem to think they’re winning

Two anti-civil rights bills were introduced into the Washington State Legislature.

HB 2374 would place a statewide $0.05 tax on each cartridge of ammunition.

HB 2354 would label and ban nearly all semi-auto firearms as “assault weapons”.

If you’re a resident, you know who you need to call about this. Please do so and make sure that neither of these bigoted proposals leave the Judiciary Committee room.

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A Quick and Easy Solution

The leftosphere got a scary report from their media partners today.

Public sector unions just had a simply terrible day in the Supreme Court on Monday. Justice Antonin Scalia, the justice who seemed most inclined to agree with them prior to oral argument, took a hard turn against them within just a few minutes of argument. Justice Anthony Kennedy, who is normally this closest thing this Court has to a swing voter, appeared to grow increasingly angry with the unions as the argument proceeded. Plus the Supreme Court has already dropped two big hints that it’s ready to cut of a major source of funding for public sector unions. Oral arguments cannot always predict the outcome of the case — just ask the millions of Americans who are now insured because of Obamacare — but if they offer any predictive value, a lot of unions are very frightened right now.

The issue at hand in Friedrichs vs California Teachers Association case before SCOTUS is the “agency fees” the public sector unions charge non-union members. These unions are allowed to mingle these dollars with the rest of their funds, which they then go on to use for political purposes.

The plaintiffs argue that the spending of the monies they are forced to pay if they want to work for political purposes they do not approve of violates their 1st Amendment rights.

And they’re right.

Of course, unions are the one form of incorporation that the left approves of. So it will never occur to them that all the unions have to do to get this problem to go away is to stop spending money for political purposes.

They are so used to having to buy their influence, and politicians are so used to having to be bought, that the idea is completely foreign to them.

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You know

There are people who will spend all day at this machine

Would you like something like this at your local gun shop? Tactical Graphics Inc. in Melbourne, Florida recently installed a new claw machine filled with AR accessories and ammo. From the pictures posted on the shop’s Facebook, it appears to be mostly Magpul products.

Claw machines are typically filled with cheap stuffed animals and are notoriously hard. We don’t know how easy it would be to nab one of the prizes here, but the machine is certainly a nice touch for customers.

I’m not that patient.

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