Wikileaks a Cut-Out for Russian Intelligence

I’ve run into a couple of DC-connected folks who are generally favorable to privacy rights, but when you bring up Snowden or Assange they growl and mutter something about “not what he seems.”

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Ready for Battle

With a box.

The wife has been a subscriber to a service called “The BarkBox” for a year or so now, and she enjoys coming home to find them on the porch and then acting like Santa Claus to the pooches every month.

Monday, I came home to find a box on the dining room table with her name on it, but with a note for me to open it.

The Box had this logo printed on it,


so I was more than just a little bit excited.

When I opened it, I found a plethora of pretty cool stuff

1 – P38 can opener

1 – P51 can opener

1 – Signal Mirror

1 – Emergency Survival Blanket

1 – Gerber Fire Starter

1 – CKRT Eat ‘n’ Tool

1 – FM 21-76 Survival Manual

1 – Lensatic Compass

1 – 300 Lumen 3 LED mini flashlight

1 – Aquamira Frontier Emergency Water Filtration System

1 – Solar Cell Phone Charger

And because she went for the top of the line option,

1 – Kershaw Cryo II Blackwash

You can see the items in their video here

When she got home, I was quite open about how awesome this gift was, and then she told me that I’ll be getting one of these every month for at least the next year, AND that because she was able to collect some online coupons and other things, she’s getting them for over 50% off the normal subscription price.

I think I’ll keep her around.

The BattleBox website is here. Take a look around and if you know a prepper who could use a monthly pick-me-up, I recommend giving these guys a your business.

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At least

They weren’t giving out participation awards.

If you haven’t yet read Rolf’s account of the Hugo Awards event at Sasquan, you should do so now.

Also, this post at The Stars Came Back site.

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Aware of My Tongue

A delightful long-form review that somehow left me aware of the rapidly fading relevance of the memories of my generation. All the while I was grinning wildly and laughing at snark and old tech.

Can’t stop thinking about it, now.

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The Last Vulcan

Dilemma for airshow photog: to extend, or not? With f-stop comparisons. Worth the read.

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If you hear laughter

I mean, like, a lot of laughter, it’s probably coming from across the Atlantic

Germany Wants Other European Nations to Take in More Refugees

Just get used to it. It will likely go on for a while. Then there will be a weird silence. Then you’ll hear gunshots because those nations will likely start shooting at each other. Again.

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California. Get it together.

Drought stricken California is burning and flooding at the same time.

Water is easy to store, transport, and dispense. None of these are new technologies.

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Finally! Honesty.

The HuffPo has given up and decided to tell the truth.

Gun Control Might Not Have Stopped the WDBJ Shooter. That’s Not the Point.

Two of their Senior correspondents drop the lie and just verbally flail about pushing a bad “study” that says “new laws would save lives”.


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Gun Rods

Kevin asks if anyone uses them. I do, sort of:

That’s in the “target rifle” safe. I’ve got the .22 size and the bigger-than-.22 size, and they work fine. However the way I have the guns set up they save no space. That’s not what I use them for. They really just help me think my guns won’t get scratched in a typical minor 4.0-5.0 earthquake like we have about six times a year. And so far they haven’t moved, even with just a little bit of velcro holding them vertical at the end of the rod — but that works for me!

So for Californians in earthquake country they’re cool, I suppose. I would not use them for their intended purpose as that would violate one of Dave’s Rules of Life, all of which I should write down someday. This particular rule is “Avoid storing a thing so that you must move something else out of the way to access it.”

And, of course, these rods do nothing to help store more of my first firearms loves, revolvers and specialty pistols.

  Yes, the specialty pistols safe violates the above rule. Ah! But I have a plan to remedy that; temporary violations are ok.

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What a party!

Good times were had by none.

Dutch Artists Celebrate George Orwell’s Birthday By Putting Party Hats On Surveillance Cameras

On Tuesday, surveillance cameras in the center of the city of Utrecht were decorated with colorful party hats to celebrate the 110th birthday of George Orwell, Dutch art duo Front404 explained on their website.

“By making these inconspicuous cameras that we ignore in our daily lives catch the eye again we also create awareness of how many cameras really watch us nowadays.”

Big brother refused to blow out the candles. He said the candles did not exist and that you’ve fallen behind in your viewing of your two minutes of hate.

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