Popcorn Time

I’ll be watching the leftist apologists for radical Islam trying to reason out how to be angry at America AND at ISIS now that the Islamic State has decided that slavery is something they’re totally down with.

Nothing so far from the usual suspects, but they’ll get confronted with it sooner than later.

I’ll also be on the lookout for someone to ask an actual Muslim to denounce the practice.

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That darned double standard

If one standard is good, two must be great!

Ohio Governor, John Kasich, appoints an unqualified crony who’ll toe the line to run the Public Health Department and the leftists go nuts about it.

President Obama appoints an unqualified crony who’ll toe the line to head the Ebola task force and the leftists think it the bestest of all the choices evar!!1!

I was never taught about the mating habits of standards. Do they get lonely or something? Is that why the leftists keep trying to pair them up? Will there be a movement for equal marriage rights for standards in the future?

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Sunday Funnies

Got two this week. Still, I added some filler



A four panel of truth


And Ricky Gervais giving Piers Morgan some truth


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Election Year Graft

If you’re unemployed for more than six months, you are termed “Long Term Unemployed” and you go onto a second set of stats that the Department of Labor misinterprets for the media to favor the current occupant of the Oval Office.

The real numbers get given to the top 10% of the White House staff so that they can formulate a program to try and win your vote.

The Obama administration unveiled Wednesday the expansion of its efforts to aid the long-term unemployed with grants to help get the jobless back into the workplace.

President Barack Obama in January launched an effort to remove obstacles for the long-term unemployed, getting major corporations to adopt “best practices” in human-resources departments designed to ensure the long-time jobless aren’t screened out of the possibility of face-to-face employment interviews.

On Wednesday, the Labor Department announced 23 grants given to 20 states and Puerto Rico to attack the problem of long-term unemployed, which numbered 3 million through September, the latest reading. The grants will be used by local organizations and governments to match jobless workers with sectors that need workers.

I’m not a gambling man, so I may get the terminology wrong, but is there an over/under on how many of these organizations are staffed with former ACORN employees?

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I’d like to see his voting record

I’m just curious to see if he is a hypocrite

A state representative exchanged gunfire with a pair of would-be robbers late Tuesday night in Harrisburg, according to a report from Capitolwire.com.

“Reps. Marty Flynn, D-Scranton, and Ryan Bizzarro, D-Erie, were approached around 11 p.m. near the 200 block of Herr Street by two assailants wearing bandannas, who held the two representatives at gunpoint from feet away, while a third assailant watched from a vehicle, according to accounts from multiple sources,” the report states.

Capitolwire.com described Flynn as a former Lackawanna County prison guard and MMA fighter, adding that he was armed during the attempted robbery and exchanged shots with the robbers.

Isn’t it strange how a full-grown adult male with semi-professional hand-to-hand combat experience had to use a tool specifically designed for self-defense to defend himself against armed attackers?

It’s like he isn’t a superhero or something?

And yet most Democratic lawmakers expect John and Jane Doe to be able to defend themselves without the aforementioned tool.

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Always with the drama

In the off-season, Colorado Democrats set up their state for high stakes drama (aka: cheating).

Perhaps the most hard-fought Senate race this year will be Colorado’s showdown between Democratic senator Mark Udall and Republican congressman Cory Gardner. The RealClearPolitics average of polls in the race shows Gardner holding a lead of 1.3 percentage points. The outcome may determine control of the U.S. Senate, and the margin of victory could be less than the 11,000-vote margin by which Democratic senator Michael Bennet was reelected in Colorado in 2010.

But there is a significant difference in this year’s Senate race. In 2013, a new Democratic state legislature rammed through a sweeping and highly controversial election law and convinced Democratic governor John Hickenlooper to sign it. The law, known as House Bill 1303, makes Colorado the only state in the country to combine two radical changes in election law: 1) abolishing the traditional polling place and having every voter mailed a ballot and 2) establishing same-day registration, which allows someone to appear at a government office and register and vote on the same day without showing photo ID or any other verifiable evidence that establishes identity. If they register online a few days before, no human being ever has to show up to register or vote. A few keystrokes can create a voter and a “valid” ballot. ​Once a ballot cast under same-day registration is mixed in with others, there is no way to separate it out if the person who voted is later found ineligible. Other jurisdictions that have same-day registration, such as Washington, D.C., treat the vote as a provisional ballot pending verification. Colorado immediately counts the vote.

“We have uniquely combined two bad ideas, both of which open the door to fraud and error along with creating huge administrative headaches,” warns Republican Scott Gessler, Colorado’s secretary of state.

The left knows that it can use its media cohorts to confuse the voting populace enough to keep most election it can’t win within the margin of error.

They then set out to create as much error as possible.

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Of course they are

Despite the fact that 24-7 “news” channels like CNN and MSNBC are both considered less trustworthy and more opinion than news, the left likes to disparage FOX News and its viewers as the evil leading the stupid.

It would seem that “the evil” have been telling “the dumb” quite a large number of facts.

Republicans more informed than Democrats, According to Pew Research

Out of 12 questions asked, Republicans outperformed both Democrats and Independents on 10.  The differences were most pronounced on the questions regarding Common Core, fracking and where Shiites outnumber Sunnis, where the percentage of Republicans answering correctly outpaced Democrats by double digits.  But Republicans also outperformed Democrats on questions centering on the federal minimum wage and the Fed Chairwoman, even though she’s a Democrat appointed by Obama, while the minimum wage is Democrats’ favorite wedge issue this election year to try to keep Harry Reid (D – Nevada) as the Senate Majority Leader.

Democrats only outscored Republicans in naming the primary Ebola outbreak location and the federal poverty rate, but only by 2 and 5 percentage points, respectively.

While FOX may be an echo chamber, the leftists favored news readers reside in a Grand Canyon sized steel box where facts are considered much less important.

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Ready to Install

The door I made mention of on Saturday is done. I’ll be installing it tomorrow after school.


(you know the deal)

90″x44″ overall.

1/8″ plate steel welded to a bunch of 2×2 with 1/4″ wall thickness.

It is a beast.

The latches are along the left hand side and one on the top are to make sure it seals air tight. It will close an opening in a 20ft by 50ft wall of plate steel which serves as a backing for an architectural testing company. They test designs for structural integrity for insurance companies.

The current test is of a large set of folding windows. The engineer will use the newly sealing section of the wall by creating a vacuum within the enclosure (between the windows and the wall) to see if the windows can survive. If they do, he will then hit them with increasing wind forces until they don’t and record the results.

I want to work for these folks full-time soooo badly. I would love to get paid to help with destructive testing.

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RNS Quote of the Day, Power House Edition

Modern life is the silent compact of comfortable folk to keep up pretences. And it will succeed till the day comes when there is another compact to strip them bare.

John Buchan, The Power-House

Every day now, this favourite sequence from Buchan’s classic seems more apropos.

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Sealed Shut

What do you get when you give Phil a full sheet of 1/8″ hot rolled plate steel and two 20′ sticks of 2″x2″ square tubing?

Whatever you want. In this case, the guy who bought those will get a light vault door. I was given the measurements and materials on Thursday while I was told to stay away from campus, so I used the day to make the door.

Of course, it would have helped if the measurements given to me were correct. Sadly, these ones weren’t. As I was putting it together I noticed something “awry” and called the customer to verify the numbers. They did, so I finished putting it together. I was still suspicious, so I only tacked the plate steel to the frame.

Which was smart, because it no fit.

I took my own measurements and now I have a weekend project. After my forklift certification class today. And hopefully not all of tomorrow. Pics Monday.

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